Welcome to Forest Hills Presbyterian Church

As disciples of Jesus, we affirm and practice the hospitality of the one who received everyone and drew people into a deep, life-changing encounter with God.  Our call is to follow Jesus’ way, engaging with our heads, our hands, and our hearts. 

All are welcome here.  We invite you to join this community as together we grow in faith and discipleship. Come! Learn and explore what that might mean for you. I promise you will be greeted with the hospitality of Christ and challenged to answer God’s call to serve.                                                      

Grace and Peace,  

Joe Blankinship

Sunday Mornings at Forest Hills Presbyterian Church

Spiritually we are a diverse group of people who recognize we are called by God to practice faith and serve others. We find these practices to be challenging and life-giving even though we are far from perfect in our practice.  We are praying that God will call you here to join us in learning what "practice" means and be together in faith community.

Come up the drive! You will be greeted warmly. Enter through the large front doors to get directly to the Sanctuary. Take a left at the cross section of our driveway and find the entrance to our Commons which has easy access to the Fellowship Hall, the Education Wing, and the Office. Take a right at the cross section of our drive and find the entrance to our Community Hall which hosts AA, NA, and other groups. Getting in and out without talking to anyone takes some real work. We do love to visit! 

Small Group exploration begins at 9:45 a.m.  Veer left at the top of the drive.  Enter through those doors and you will be greeted and guided to a group that interests or challenges you. Participation in small groups helps grow our faith and practice and connects us with each other.

Worship begins at 11:00 a.m. The sanctuary is accessible from either side of the drive. Choose a door and come in. You will be welcomed.  Sit anywhere. Even if we usually sit there, we'll make room. We're happy to have you!

Wear what you wish. You will see everything from shorts and flip-flops to suits and ties. Our worship leans traditional, but variety abounds as members share their gifts. From organ to hammered dulcimer, traditional sermons to drama and art, we use all we have been given. A bulletin and a hymnal will guide you through the service.

Childcare, located in the education wing, is offered from 9:15 to 12:15.  Children are welcome in worship for all or part of the service, their comfort is our concern. Baskets with activity bags are in the narthex if they wish. If your child needs to play and move around, anyone you pass will be happy to get you to the nursery. Our professional child-care provider is supported by our members living into their vows to nurture our children in the faith.

More questions? Click here and we'll answer.