Welcome to Forest Hills Presbyterian Church

As disciples of Jesus, we affirm and practice the hospitality of the one who received everyone and drew people into a deep, life-changing encounter with God.  Our call is to follow Jesus’ way, engaging with our heads, our hands, and our hearts. 

All are welcome here.  As a member of More Light Presbyterians, we are committed to full inclusion for LGBTQ people of faith, and we affirm their unconditional belovedness and spiritual gifts.  We welcome LGBTQ folks into all aspects of life and leadership in the congregation.

As a community of faith, we do our best to live out the Gospel's call to radical hospitality. Feel free to bring your authentic, laughs-too-loud, swears-too-much, loves-real-big, full-of-complicated-feelings self right on over! You'll be in good company among others with more questions than answers, more hot mess days than picture-perfect ones, and more insecurities and worries than are good for us. But we've got each other. And Jesus. We reckon that'll go a long way toward filling the gaps of patience, hope, and forgiveness we need.

We invite you to join us as we grow together in faith and discipleship. Come! Learn and explore what that might mean for you. We promise you will be greeted with the hospitality of Christ and challenged to answer God’s call to serve.                                                

Grace and Peace,  

Rev. Lindsey Altvater Clifton


Are you curious about the congregation? Are you interested in a bible study or joining a Christian Formation class? Did you attend with us and have questions about a sermon or a tradition you encountered? Then, please fill out the guest form and let us know! We are eager to meet and greet all our visitors, and would love the chance to get to know you better.

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