Forest Hills Presbyterian Church

Forest Hills is an intentionally intergenerational congregation.

Our mission statement:   

Together we help each other find and use our God-given gifts to REACH the world with God's good news, to EQUIP each other as disciples and to RESPOND "here I am" when the Spirit calls. 

We are a 



Updating Our Bylaws

The session is recommending to the congregation some changes to the By-laws. There are copies for you to pick up in both narthexes, as well as the commons.  Or click here to see the document; the changes are in red.  The session will be calling a congregational meeting at a later date for you to vote on these changes. If you have any questions, please contact any session member. 

Come see us at 836 W. Lexington Avenue, High Point, NC 27262 (just 2/10 mile off Westchester Drive.)  

Current Events

Youth Fundraiser Lunch, Sunday, 3/1 following Worship

Mobile Meals, Friday, 3/13 @ 9:30 a.m.

Fellowship Meal, Sunday, 3/15 following Worship

Faith Formation Opportunities

Sunday classes @ 9:45 a.m. - childcare is provided.  

Everyone is welcome in any class at any time.

Children’s Classes:

Children & youth participate in practices that include learning to read the Bible and pray together, serving others, and exploring how God’s Word to them is used in their daily lives. 

Adult Christian Formation & Bible Studies

The Good Book by Peter Gomes - Kent & Nancy Berry

Journey to Discipleship - Shared Leadership

Women’s A-Team Bible Study Thursday's @ 5:45 p.m.

Men’s D-Team Bible Study Saturday's @ 7:30 a.m.

 Radical Hospitality

Our Lenten theme is radical hospitality, the idea that we are called to hospitality without condition, without expectation of reward. While we often think of hospitality as eating with others, it extend far beyond that. 

Issues of race, gender, economic status, immigration, political differences, and many other issues are enveloped in the practice of hospitality.    

Fundamentally, Jesus's command to "love God and love neighbor as yourself" commits us to being in relationship with each other no matter our differences.                      

We don't always get it right. We are often called upon to speak up for those not accepted and, sometimes for ourselves.

Our Lenten practice is to prayerfullyopen our minds and hearts to the ways we can show hospitality, the ways we fail to show hospitality, and the ways we refuse to admit we are less than hospitable.