Forest Hills Presbyterian Church

Forest Hills is an intentionally intergenerational congregation.

Our mission statement:   

Together we help each other find and use our God-given gifts to REACH the world with God's good news, to EQUIP each other as disciples and to RESPOND "here I am" when the Spirit calls. 

We are a 



Come see us at 836 W. Lexington Avenue, High Point, NC 27262 (just 2/10 mile off Westchester Drive.)  

Current Events

5/24  Fellowship Pentecost Cookout after Worship

5/25  June View Input Deadline @ Noon

6/4  Community Clinic Meal Ministry @ 5 p.m.

6/6  Church Work Day @ 9 a.m.

6/7  Congregational Meeting @ Close of Worship

6/14  Make, Take, Bake @ 4 p.m.

Faith Formation Opportunities

Sunday classes will resume in the Fall.

Men’s D-Team Bible Study Saturday's @ 7:30 a.m.

 Easter People

"The Lord is risen...he is risen indeed!"--a refrain heard several times on Easter Sunday and throughout the Easter "season." (Don't tell the shopping machine. If they know Easter is a season, there will be chocolate bunnies forever!)

So what? 

So this...(in a nutshell). Despite best efforts to stop a life that embodied "love God, love your neighbor as yourself" and get back to "normal life" of take care of yourself, take advantage of those weaker than you, and worship power and status... despite doing their best to end that life and lifestyle, God turned the tables. Even death cannot stop the radical love of God and work of God to claim and reconcile all people to God. 

So this...

This is way beyond a kind-of cryptic worship service on Easter. This is a call to live a love-God-love-your-neighbor-as-yourself-lifestyle that will change the world. 

Few will thank you for it. Most will criticize and tell you it can't be done. But the good news of Easter is that love can't be stopped. This love-God-love-your-neighbor-as-yourself-world-changing-lifestyle is what we mean by resurrection life. It's our call as Easter People.

So this way changes us and the world, bringing peace and health and wholeness to all people. 

The Easter story gives us the hope that making this choice, living this way, will change the world, will make a difference, will ultimately be the way all of us will live.

We belong to this community because here we learn, here we practice, here we are reminded of the Easter promise. Join us!