Forest Hills Presbyterian Church

Forest Hills is an intentionally intergenerational congregation.

Our mission statement:   

Together we help each other find and use our God-given gifts to REACH the world with God's good news,      to EQUIP each other as disciples and to RESPOND "here I am" when the     Spirit calls. 

We are a 



Come see us at                              836 W. Lexington Avenue             High Point, NC 27262                   (just 2/10 mile off Westchester Drive.)  

Current Events

10/29 Mobile Meals @ 9:30 a.m.

11/6 Community Clinic Meal Ministry @ 5pm

11/9 Fellowship Activity: “Make It & Take It” 4 - 6pm

11/14 Mobile Meals @ 9:30 a.m.

11/16 Consecration Sunday!

11/27 Pancake Breakfast @ 8:30 a.m.

11/27 Thanksgiving Service @ 10am

This Church...

There's a blog circulating that reports "reasons people decide to leave the church." They include:

"...Left church because I wanted to find a place where people went to be alive and not hide behind an idolatry of doctrine or poorly exegeted Scripture passages."

"The Bible and God were twisted into something ugly and frightening…"

"I feel like my welcome in a church is a conditional thing, dependent on my best behavior."

Know this, friends. While every church is a human institution, at times failing to be what we are called to be, there are churches filled with people seeking to "follow" Jesus, excited to be there, connected with each other, looking for answers, and struggling with the implications of their faith in real life.

This is a open and inclusive congregation who welcomes you. This is a tradition that lets God judge. This is a community of faith that lives in the humble knowledge that we are not God. This is a people who are grateful that we are loved by God and seek to show God's love to those we come in contact with.

You are invited to be a part of this community. Always.