We reach out to the community with a reformed worship style that reflects the gifts God has provided us--leaning traditional, but including guitar, cello, percussion, and other styles that our members enjoy and bring to worship.  Members share their gifts in many ways in worship, all ages are included in worship leadership and participation.  Dress is from casual to suit and tie...and everything in between! 

Worship is a foundational practice of the Christian life.  We are gathered by God at a time and place established by the leaders of this faith community.  We choose to focus our time, energy, and life in this time on the God who created us, who teaches us what it means to be in relationship with God and each other, and who challenges us to act as God, constantly working for the healing and wholeness of the world.  We are each gifted to accomplish God's purposes, and God may be calling you to join this community, needing your gifts to accomplish God's next purpose.  In worship we are gathered by God, we listen to God's word through Scripture, music, and sermon, we respond to God's Word to us, and we are sent back out into the world to do what God has asked of us.  

For many of us, taking the first hours of the first day of the week to participate in this practice focuses our lives on our place in the bigger picture.  This can be transformative, offering a life of grace and peace instead of fear and anxiety.  

Our sacraments--visible signs of God's invisible grace--are Baptism (infant and adult) and the Lord's Supper, celebrated the first Sunday of each month and on special days throughout the church year.  Download a Communion DVD here.  Play a Baptism video here. Or, read in more detail here.

Worship Services:

Service of the Lord's Day, Sundays, 11:00 a.m.

Please check the calendar for times and dates of special services.  Click here to listen to sermons online.

Special Worship Opportunities at FHPC:

Other services are conducted from time to time, including services of Healing and Wholeness, Service of Witness to the Resurrection, weddings, baptisms, ordination and installation services, and renewal of vows.

Pentecost...a celebration of the gift of the Holy Spirit