Christian worship joyfully ascribes all praise and honor, glory and power to the triune God. In worship the people of God acknowledge God present in the world and in their lives. As they respond to God’s claim and redemptive action in Jesus Christ, believers are transformed and renewed. In worship the faithful offer themselves to God and are equipped for God’s service in the world. (from the Constitution of the PCUSA)

In other words...the communal act of worship shapes us as the people of God. We don't understand it all, we don't control it, but we are grateful for the power of the practice. All are welcome in our worship, from infants to elders. Together we sing, pray, and listen to God's word to us. 

A special time for children in morning worship helps them hear a word from God just for them. 

Our service is more traditional than contemporary, but we have a great variety of gifts in the congregation which are celebrated as we worship.