Forest Hills Presbyterian Church

 "Church is God's action which establishes the conditions in which we grow up in Christ."

Eugene Peterson, Practice Resurrection

We believe members and their unique gifts are called by God into the membership of a church for the good of the body of Christ, which then exists to serve the world.  Living and serving together in a congregation helps us practice the Christian life...forgiving and being forgiven, serving and being served, learning and teaching, praying and being prayed get the picture.  Growing spiritually, nurturing children and youth, supporting young adults, worshipping and leading through music, and sharing fellowship together make up our congregational life.  We invite you into the full life and ministry of our congregation as we take seriously our call to equip each other as disciples of Jesus.  Through these practices, we find ourselves encountering God again and again, encounters that transform us in ways we can explain, and ways that take our breath away.